Gregoire History

Edmond Grégoire founded the Grégoire Company in 1972. It began as a small family company manufacturing farm machinery specifically for smaller acreage farms. In the late 1970s, the innovative company developed both a tractor tow and later a self-propelled grape harvester. 

Grape farmers worldwide welcomed the new harvesters, which were seen as a real money saver and dependable machines.

In 1988, Grégoire designed the ARC Picking Head, which revolutionised grape harvesting. The same year sales rose to 48 machines. By the following year, the harvesters were so well regarded that sales reached a record level of 270 units. 

Grégoire has continued developing and refining their harvesters and today Grégoire Grape Harvesters are regarded as being at the forefront of harvester design. 

Grégoire self-propelled harvesters are true multi-function machines, which means attachments such as barrel pre-pruners, green trimmers, slashers, mulchers and sprayers can be used in combination with the harvester body. 

In Australia and New Zealand, Grégoire offers a range of harvester models, both tow-behind and self-propelled.


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