Gregoire Finance

Gregoire Finance is provided by De Lage Landen Limited part of the global Rabobank Group – the world’s largest agricultural lender. Their knowledge of the Australian rural industry and machinery markets means that customers can get the deal they need.

The various Gregoire Finance products available to clients are designed to allow farmers to conserve working capital, budget on a fixed rate, fixed term and fixed repayments to suit their cash flow. 

Our point of sale quoting system can quickly and efficiently provide finance quotations and flexible options detailing the periodic cost of purchasing agricultural equipment. 

Our One-Shot loan documentation can overcome the time-consuming and obtrusive nature of applying for finance. The documents are quick and easy to complete and the result is a faster finance application process. 

The ability to provide a tailored financial solution with Gregoire Finance can make it easy to own your new Gregoire harvester today. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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